1965 (or so) Vanden Plas Princess

Click on the picture to Z O O M in.

This is really a rare care and I’m sure you will not see one everyday (unless you or your neighbor own one). The car is really a variant of the MG 1100/1300 built from 1962 thru 1973 in Surrey England. About 3 million of these cars and its related cars were produced during this period. This particular car featured here I think was built by the Vanden Plas Coach Builders of Kingsbury London, England. Other variations were also built by Austin, also of England as well as a popular model called the Authi Morris in Spain.

Vanden Plas Princess 1300

In 1962 the Morris 1100 was announced, Fred Connolly the founder of the company that supplied leather to the motor industry commissioned Vanden Plas to make a special version. A prototype was exhibited at the 1963 London Show and aroused a lot of interest so it was put into full scale production by BMC management with deliveries starting in the winter. In 1968 the model received the 1300 cc engine and continued been made until May 1974.

Click on the picture to Z O O M in.

Click on the picture to Z O O M in.

This car looks in fine shape. I have not seen one like this in many years. In fact, I’m posting these pictures less than 24 hours after they were taken. I have a card I leave on the windshield of the cars I photograph and I left one for the owner. On the card I have a link to this website and my email address. I hope to hear from the owner who can fill us in on the real facts about this specific car.

Click Here for more information from Wikipeadia

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