~1979 Mini Clubman Estate

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Click on pictures to Z O O M in.
This is a very small car. After looking at the “modern” Minis, its amazing to see one of the original cars, especially an Estate Wagon, it seems tiny. This Mini belongs to a San Francisco resident who purchased the car in the Guernsey Islands just off of the northwest coast of France. Somehow, the UK seems to own the island, but I digress. I spoke to the owner briefly but did not ask her the year of the car. I’m estimating it to be a 1979, based on what I can see from the Web.

Click on pictures to Z O O M in.
That’s my niece standing next to the car. She loved the car too. The picture on the right shows the rounded cornered rectangular grill. This was a major change for the Clubman variety of Mini. The interior is also supposed to be different but I did not photograph that part of the car (darn it).

To me, one of the things that places this car near 1980 is the Mini Cooper logo at the back. Maybe someone reading this can better determine the actual year of the car.

I found this bit of trivia on the net as well:

The station wagon, without wooden frames, called Traveler hours. For the deluxe version of the British Leyland decided to focus on a substantial restyling inside and outside. It was thus launched, again in 1969, the Mini Clubman. Compared to the classic version Clubman differed only in the frontal (elongated and squared) and indoors (with redesigned dashboard and seats).

Click Here for a site that has more information on this model


2 Responses to “~1979 Mini Clubman Estate”

  1. hi ive owned a few mini clubmans never an estate tho if the british plates on it our original it would be a 1984 so i would say it was one of the last ones ever made

  2. ps the only thing they changed on the interior was the position of the speedometer sometime in the 80s they made all minis with this new dash layout anyway
    this was my 1973 mini clubman

    the inside

    mine and a mini clubman that belonged to my friend

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