1946 Dodge Custom Club Coupe

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We traveling to Ashland Oregon earlier this year and we ran across this car near the ball field. It’s not the proper color scheme but the car looks to be in great shape. Have a look at the interior shot just below. That part looks very original.

I found this information on the net. It was interesting.

Post-war years

Civilian production at Dodge was restarted by late 1945, in time for the 1946 model year. The “seller’s market” of the early postwar years, brought on by the lack of any new cars throughout the war, meant that every automaker found it easy to sell vehicles regardless of any drawbacks they might have. Like almost every other automaker, Dodge sold lightly facelifted revisions of its 1942 design through the 1948 season. As before, these were a single series of six-cylinder models with two trim levels (basic Deluxe or plusher Custom).

Click Here for a site that has more information on this Post War Dodge Cars

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3 Responses to “1946 Dodge Custom Club Coupe”

  1. Definitely not factory original paint. I wish my personal fit and finish looked so good!

  2. is this car still for sale

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