1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

Click on pictures to Z O O M in.

This was Buick’s first “Muscle Car”. It had a 401 CI engine and all of the convertibles and hardtop convertibles had a stiffer frame for added stability. I recently saw an Ebay auction that was bidding up a rich looking version of this car. At the time, the bidding was at $17,600 with a day to go before completion. I’ll check and see where the auction ended.

This car is not yet ready for the car show; but it’s close. A little body work and a new paint job will do this car a lot of good.

I found this information on the net. It was interesting.

Click Here for a site that has more information on this model

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2 Responses to “1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport”

  1. Haven’t seen this car in a long time… good vintage throwback! !

  2. pinball2k Says:

    Yes, it’s pretty rare I guess. You gotta love the streets o San Francisco!!

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