How About A 1968 Jaguar 420G?

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I just got out of the train in Millbrae just south of the San Francisco Airport and I caught this old Jag at the light. I did have my camera but by the time I got rerady to shoot it was almost too late. Then came the fun of finding out what model and year the car was.

I found information on Wikipedia that tagged this as a 420G. Apparently, the earlier model of this car was called the Mark X. The distinguishing features that make this a 420G are the chrome separator in the front grill and the addition of a chrome side modeling running the length of the car.

Apparently, this car was not very popular and was discontinued in 1970.

Wikipedia Information On The Car, Click Here

This was a luxury car that was also available with a glass panel between the front and back seat.

The Jag Lovers Website, Click Here

© Fred Winograd copyright 2011


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