1963 Rambler 4 Door Classic

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I was just a sophomore in college when this car hit the market. Gas was about $0.49/gal and all except the Vietnam War was going well.

George Romney, later Governor of Michigan was the CEO of what became the American Motors Company. He completed a strategy in 1962 that brought all of the numerous car models together under the Rambler name. Romney also publicly chided the leaders of the “Big Three” automakers as “gas-guzzling dinosaurs”. When he left to become Governor, Roy Abernethy, his successor change the strategy and began the process of undoing Romney’s plan.

AIn 1963, the entire Rambler line received the Motor Trend Car of the Year award. However, Romney’s departure to become Michigan governor opened the door for his successor, Roy Abernethy, to redirect the company towards a strategy of competing head to head with the Big Three (General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, and Ford Motor Company) with a variety of bodies and automobile platforms. This new plan also included marketing the various models apart from the Rambler brand name, which Abernethy felt would be a hindrance in the market segments he hoped to pursue.

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A great video was posted showcasing the Motor Trend article as a great sales tool, watch it below.

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