A “Running” Cougar Convertable – 1969

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This site has been up for over a year and now gets enough traffic to spot some trends. One of the most popular cars on the site is a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal. I don’t know if it’s the car or the photo, but it gets a lot of hits. Today’s picture was taken on I-280 just south of San Francisco, the same place I took the shot of the Dodge. Let’s see how this 1969 Cougar does in the popularity race.

The third year of production, 1969, brought several new additions to the Cougar lineup. A convertible model was now available in either standard and XR-7 trim. These highly anticipated soft tops proved quite popular and today are considered, by many, among the most desirable of the ’67-’70 production run.

More Information, click here

Also, below is a link to a 360 degree video of a similar car I found on YouTube.

© Fred Winograd copyright 2010


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