1963-4 Austin Healey 3000 MK III

Click on pictures to Z O O M in.

Click on pictures to Z O O M in.

This is a great example of the British sports cars of the early ’60s. This model, the Mark III, was produced from 1963 until the end of Austin Healey production in 1967. The car was sort of a poor-man’s XKE which was unveiled about two years before the Mark III.

The 3000 Mk III was launched in October 1963, and remained in production until the end of 1967 when production of Austin-Healeys finally ceased. (One further car was built in March 1968.) Classified as the BJ8, the new model was the most powerful and luxurious of the big Healeys, with a walnut-veneer dash, wind up windows, and 150 hp (112 kW) engine. Improvements to the engine included a new camshaft and valve springs, and twin SU 2″ HD8 carburettors, together with a new design of exhaust system. Servo-assisted brakes were now fitted as standard. Only 2+2 seat versions were made. Option extras were similar to those offered for the MkII, the main change being that the standard interior trim was now Ambla vinyl, with leather seats being added to the list of options.

In May 1964 the Phase II version of the MkIII was released, which had a modified rear chassis to allow rear ground clearance to be increased, and subsequently, in March 1965 the car also gained separate indicators.

17,712 were made.

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2 Responses to “1963-4 Austin Healey 3000 MK III”

  1. I love the first shot, looking down at the hood and radiator grill. The contrasts between the great black paint and the clean chrome make it both specifically detailed and abstract at the same time. This is an angle that is not commonly seen by passers by and is more compelling because of that. Having this image showcased, as you have here, makes the other two views more interesting too since now I want to see more context.

    There seems to be another old one parked in a carport in the lower right photo.

  2. Peter Winograd Says:

    When I was in college a good friend had a light blue one which he would let me use. It was a great car. Lots of fun to drive. It was close to the ground and would often scrape when starting up a hill or a driveway.

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