1951 Willys Station Wagon

Click on the picture to Z O O M in.

Click on the picture to Z O O M in.

Shortly after WW2 the U.S. car market exploded. There was pent up demand due to the war diversion amd then the returning veterans coming home after the war needed cars. Willys did the minimal amount of re-design from the army jeeps and got the products out the door in 1946. This one, I think, is a 1951 but it is very similar to the Jeeps made from 1941-1945. The Willys-Overland Company built the product and became a part of Keiser.

The link below is to a page that briefly describes the car and its features.

After World War II, Willys released a series of Jeep-based vehicles, requiring a bare minimum of retooling. Notably, the two-door station wagon, introduced in 1946, was the first all-steel station wagon produced in the United States. Powered by a four-cylinder engine and priced from $1,495, this model sold strongly, and accounted for 21 per cent of total U.S. station wagon production by 1950.

1951 Willys Station Wagon

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